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 Marshall County

Title I Programs



Title I Schoolwide Programs


Chapel Hill Elementary

Marshall Elementary

Lewisburg Middle

Westhills Elementary

Oak Grove Elementary

Cornersville Elementary

Delk Henson Intermediate



What Is Title I?

The purpose of Tennessee's Federally funded Title I Program is to support local school districts and improve teaching and learning for students in high poverty schools so that these students meet the state's challenging content and performance standards. The goal of Title I programs is to help enhance student achievement and create a supportive learning environment.


Title I funds are allocated to school systems based on:


1. Free and reduced lunch percentage.

2. Children ages 5-17 that live in poverty.

3. Children reported living in neglected or delinquent facilities.

4. Children reported living in foster homes.

 Schoolwide Title I

 Marshall County schoolwide Programs are located at Chapel Hill Elementary, Marshall Elementary, Lewisburg Middle, Westhills Elementary, Oak Grove Elementary, Cornersville Elementary, and Delk Henson Intermediate School. Goals of a school wide Title I program include:


  • Helping all students reach high standards.
  • Challenging all students to be the best they can be.
  • Preparing all students for the complex world of today and tomorrow.


Decisions are made at the school level on programs, strategies, technology, and staff needs. Surveys and needs assessments from parents, faculty, and staff are used to decide how Title I funds can best meet the needs of all the students. The Title I School wide committees consist of teachers, parents, principals, and community leaders.


 Parent Involvement

 All schools receiving Title I funds place a high value on the role of parents at home and school. Title I programs count on parental support. All parents are invited to help plan and take part in the school's programs. A partnership between home and school is essential in order to meet the needs of students. Title I promotes this partnership by providing information to parents regarding their child's achievement. Title I schools also provide parents with opportunities to plan and evaluate the Title I program, and offer workshops and resources to parents designed to encourage parents to be involved in their child's learning at home. Parent Involvement pays off with higher grades and graduation rates, better school attendance, increased motivation and self-esteem, decreased drug and alcohol abuse, and lower suspension rates,just to name a few.

 Title I Services at Marshall

County Title I Schools

Marshall County School wide Title I funds are used to increase academic student achievement for all students in grades K-8. Teachers and para-professionals work with students in grades K-8 to provide support in all basic subject areas. Services are provided to support students needing extra help through personal attention or special teaching strategies and techniques.

Along with local funds, Title I services provide school wide technology programs with software, materials and supplies, professional development, and other supports for learning.Students in grades K-8 have scheduled sessions for computer opportunities that provides individualized instruction in all subject areas.

 Title I provides opportunities for students to meet the challenging State and Federal performance standards. This is accomplished by:


1.Welcoming All Families

2.Communicating Effectively

3.Supporting Student Success

4.Speaking Up for Every Child

5.Sharing Decisions

6.Collaborating with Community





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