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Name & Position Contact Info
Mrs. Angie  Barnes
Special Populations Admin Asst.
931-359-1581  Ext:2011
Mr. Tres  Beasley
Support Services Supervisor
931-359-1581  Ext:2030
Mr. Josh  Bicknell
IT Support Specialist
931-359-1581  Ext:2008
Mrs. Becky  Blackall
931-359-1581  Ext:2031
Ms. Dawn  Britton
Special Populations Interventionist
931-359-1581  Ext:2012
Mr. Jeff  Brock
Shop Foreman
931-359-1581  Ext:2501
Mr. Chuck  Brown
Transportation Supervisor
931-359-1581  Ext:2601
Mrs. Jennie  Carroll
Human Resources Supervisor
931-359-1581  Ext:2028
Ms. Marilu  Clift
Front Desk Secretary
931-359-1581  Ext:2000
Mrs. Veronica  Davenport
CSH Coordinator
931-359-1581  Ext:2032
Mrs. Larissa  Delk
Food Services Supervisor
931-359-1581  Ext:2015
Mrs. Betsy  Gentry
SIS/EIS Data Coordinator
931-359-1581  Ext:2035
Mr. Roy  Haislip
Energy Conservation
931-359-1581  Ext:2000
Mrs. Sonya  Hawkins
Federal/Special Populations Financial Admin Asst.
931-359-1581  Ext:2019
Mrs. Shameka  Haynes
Federal Programs Admin Asst.
931-359-1581  Ext:2002
Mrs. Jerrie  Henry
Social Worker - Chapel Hill and Cornersville Schools
931-359-1581  Ext:2006
Mrs. Debbie  Hill
Transportation Assist.
931-359-1581  Ext:2600
Mrs. Lisa  Isley
931-359-1581  Ext:2001
Mrs. Beverly  Jett
Food Services Assist
931-359-1581  Ext:2018
Mrs. Cindy  Kanka
Curriculum Assistant
931-359-1581  Ext:2020
Ms. Tammy  Lewis
K-6 Supervisor
931-359-1581  Ext:2021
Ms. Deana  Martin
SLTC Secretary
931-359-1581  Ext:4200
Mrs. Lauren  Martin
Food Services
931-359-1581  Ext:2033
Mr. Wendell  McClure
931-359-1581  Ext:2008
Mrs. Teresa  Moses
Federal Accounts
931-359-1581  Ext:2005
Mrs. Rhonda  Poole
Executive Assistant
931-359-1581  Ext:2017
Mrs. Amanda  Roberts
Social Worker- Lewisburg Schools
931-359-1581  Ext:2027
Mrs. Beth  Smith
7-12 Supervisor
931-359-1581  Ext:2022
Mrs. Jennifer  Smith
Testing Coordinator
931-359-1581  Ext:4003
Mr. Jacob  Sorrells
Director of Schools
931-359-1581  Ext:2017
Mr. Chris  Spivy
Technology Director
931-359-1581  Ext:2026
Mr. Lyn  Stacey
CTE Director/ Principal
931-359-1581  Ext:4201
Mrs. Ginger  Tepedino
931-359-1581  Ext:2007
Mrs. Julie  B. Thomas
Federal/Special Populations Supervisor
931-359-1581  Ext:2010
Mrs. Vicki  Veatch
Maintenance Supervisor
931-359-1581  Ext:2500
Mrs. Deborah  Wade
CSH Coordinator
931-359-1581  Ext:2025
Mrs. Beth  Weigel
Benefits and Human Resources Assistant
931-359-1581  Ext:2029
Mrs. Janet  Wiles
Finance Director
931-359-1581  Ext:2009
Mrs. Angie  Williams
Accounts Payable
931-359-1581  Ext:2016
Mr. Andrew  Wright
Technology - Network Administrator
931-359-1581  Ext:2013
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